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The Podcast where Actors help Actors, Directors help Directors, Writers help Writers, and more. Sit down with Tony and listen to personal experiences from talented people that are already in the business.

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Why 2NY Video?
2NY Video

Why 2NY Video?


The "2NY" Team

Meet the creative minds of 2NY Video

Local content made with local actors and crew!



Are Self-Taping Auditions Difficult?

Schedule a Drive-Thru Audition Taping today and all you need to do is Act...

we'll take care of the rest :)


Looking to Showcase your skills?

We write and shoot a tailored scene that highlights the roles you are trying to book.


Have footage & need an Actor Reel?

If you already have footage, we can put it together to best showcase you.

For inquiring about Acting Services...

Thanks for your submission :)

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